Cancer patients treated in world-first clinical trial of Canadian viral therapy

CHEO’s Dr. David Stojdl, Dr. Brian Lichty (McMaster University) and Dr. John Bell (The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa), and their respective research teams and colleagues are executing the world’s first clinical trial of a Canadian viral therapy. Using the exciting new field of cancer research, Immunology, this study will use a combination of two viruses to kill and attack cancer cells which will create an anti-cancer immune response. The idea of using viruses has been around for more than a century and Dr. Stojdl and his peers have been studying them for over 15 years. Having shown promise in laboratory studies, this clinical trial will finally be able to show the impact on patients. We wish Dr. Stojdl much success with his clinical trial and will be keeping a close eye on the results of his innovative research.

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How to Predict Biphasic Allergic Reactions in Children, New Prognostic Tools

Dr. Alqurashi’s research in biphasic allergic reactions in children is giving physicians the ability to predict the chances of children having a follow-up anaphylactic reaction. Published in the esteemed journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, “Epidemiology and clinical predictors of biphasic reactions in children with anaphylaxis” is the first study of its kind and noted as one of the top three studies on anaphylaxis for 2015. By identifying which children are more likely to experience the biphasic reaction, it helps emergency departments make better use of their resources, allowing children who don’t meet the predictors to go home faster.

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